Tomica Limited Vintage TLV-N224c Toyota Chaser 2.5 Tourer S

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Tomica Limited Vintage TLV-N224c Toyota Chaser 2.5 Tourer S

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Product description

The chaser that has been given the most sporty character of the three Mark II brothers.

-Among them, the X100 series, which appeared in 1996, was clearly characterized by its overhang, which was shorter than other brothers.
-Later participated in motor sports such as JTCC, and is loved as a base for drift cars after production.
-Two grades were set, a [tourer] system that emphasized sportiness and a high-class [Avante] system, but the popularity of the most high-performance tourer V, which boasts 280 horsepower in particular, continues to decline and used cars It remains high in the market.

-In this TLV-NEO, the X100 chaser is reproduced with a completely new mold.
-First, we will start with the popular Tourer V late model.
-It is reproduced with the optional air dam bumper and grill attached, and the rear spoiler and sunroof visor are reproduced with user-installed parts, so please decide whether you want to install it according to your feeling as the owner.
-Please add it to the collection, a representative model of the `90s sports sedan, which is becoming one of the pillars of TLV-NEO.