INNO64 1:64 Range Rover Classic Camel Trophy 1982

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INNO64 1:64 Range Rover Classic Camel Trophy 1982

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Product description

INNO Models is a new brand in the market, producing scale model replicas for collectors with a very strong balance between price and quality.

The brand was founded by a small group of friends who share passion for cars and motorsport. Also, they are model car freaks who collect models for more than two decades.

Sharing the same passion for car modelling and maximizing their strengths and entrepreneurship, they established INNO Models in 2016 with a mission to craft faithfully and exquisite replicas of the original-based cars to the satisfaction of automobile hobbyists and collectors of all ages.

INNO Models is committed to using the accurate materials of the finest quality to reproduce each miniature with authentic likeness.