(PRE-ORDER) Tomica Limited Vintage Neo NISMO 400R Tsugio Matsuda (Silver)


(PRE-ORDER) Tomica Limited Vintage Neo NISMO 400R Tsugio Matsuda (Silver)

Product description


 -Based on the BCNR33 Skyline GT-R, the NISMO 400R is a complete car launched by NISMO in 1995.
-The engine named RB-X GT2 has been expanded to 2.8 liters, and has been tuned up to 400 horsepower, which is the origin of the car name, with the N1 race metal turbine.
-Of course, the body and undercarriage have been greatly modified, and the fun of manipulating at will was pursued while being high-powered.
-At that time, it was announced that the production was limited to 99 units, but it is said that there were actually fewer.

- TLV-NEO commercializes NISMO 400R.
-This time, we will reproduce the vehicle owned by Mr. Tsugio Matsuda, who is a SUPER GT500 class driver, won the championship twice in Formula Nippon, served as a director in Super Formula, and is also known as a GT-R freak. bottom.
-Please pay attention to the silver body color and the partially reproduced license plate.
-Don't miss the package where Mr. Matsuda's interview and photos will be posted!